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Stef Romecki at the Boulogne-Billancourt's book fair.

10.12.16 | 2016

Finally, Animals&Cars was presented during a book fair in France. On December 3 and 4, Stefan Romecki was at Boulogne-Billancourt with the French and Polish association Art et Tradition.[...]

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Un cadeau pour Coralie

19.11.16 | 2016

Rencontrée lors de la Journée internationale des enfants en Juin dernier à l'hôpital Ambroise Paré de Boulogne-Billancourt, Coralie fêtera son 15e[...]

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Animals&Cars de Stef Romecki à Osny

08.11.16 | 2016

Le week-end dernier l'association  Osny Ouest  était présente au Forum des Art et des Loisirs de la ville d'Osny  pour la 19ème édition[...]

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Rencontrez Stef Romecki au Forum d'Osny

31.10.16 | 2016

Stefan Romecki sera présent samedi 5 et dimanche 6 novembre au Forum des Arts et des Loisirs d'Osny. Ce pilote automobile au palmarès très fourni (plus de 100 courses[...]

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VIDEO: With Stefan Romecki in the Ginetta G55 GT4 at the 2016 Verva Street Racing

24.09.16 | 2016

Onboard with Stefan at the wheel of the Kumiega Racing's Ginetta G55 GT4 during the 2016 Verva Street Racing   Read more about this event  HERE  

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Stefan Romecki at the 2016 Verva Street Racing

21.09.16 | 2016

On September 17th, Stefan was in Warsaw for the biggest motorsport event in Poland : the Verva Street Racing. Polish drivers from every categories went: Circuit, Rally, Rally Raid, Drift,[...]

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VIDEO: Stefan Romecki at the wheel of the Wolf GB08S

30.07.16 | 2016

In April, Stefan Romecki was with KATA Motorsport and Kumiega Racing to discover the Wolf GB08S on the famous Brno Circuit racetrack. Listen the great V8 sound and watch a complete[...]

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Stefan Romecki répond aux questions de Pistonrotatif

14.07.16 | 2016

Le site  Pistonrotatif avait quelques questions pour Stefan Romecki. Toutes les réponses de Stefan sont maintenant en ligne. Retrouvez l'interview complète ICI

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2016 Le Mans 24h, live in Eurosport Poland

26.06.16 | 2016

Not only a spectator during Le Mans 24h, Stefan Romecki was also the Eurosport Poland guest. The team knows Stefan since 2012.   Naturally, the interview was in Polish. Stefan talked[...]

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International Childrens Day 2016

06.06.16 | 2016

Stefan Romecki was at the Ambroise Paré hospital at Boulogne-Billancourt with the French and Polish association " Art-Culture-Tradition " for the[...]

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Polish of the year, the final in Warszaw

03.06.16 | 2016

Elected "Young Polish of the Year" in France, Stefan Romecki was invited to the final ceremony in Warsaw the Monday 30th May 2016. Organised by Teraz Polska, people from different[...]

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Test in Slovakia

02.06.16 | 2016

To continue its development program with the GB08S, the Polish team KATA Motorsport was in Slovakia for 2 days of tests with Stefan Romecki at the wheel.  With the Kumiega Racing[...]

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Stefan Romecki - Europe Day 2016

10.05.16 | 2016

One month ago, Stefan Romecki gets the award of the "Young Polish of the Year in France" at the Polish Embassy in Paris. For the Europe Day, he was at Aulnay-Sous-Bois to promote Poland with[...]

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Stefan Romecki, "Young Polish" 2016 in France

06.04.16 | 2016

  Stefan Romecki, "Young Polish" 2016 in France April 5th 2016, Polish Embassy in Paris. The association Floenterteam and Teraz Poslka, organizers of the "Polish of the[...]

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Stefan Romecki debuts at KATA Motorsport with the Wolf GB08S

05.04.16 | 2016

For this April 1st, the nearly born KATA Motorsport team gets it all new Wolf GB08S and was in Brno Circuit for a few days program test. At the request of his new team, Stefan Romecki went to[...]

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2016 Program

16.03.16 | 2016

New challenge for A3SR and RacingForPoland.   An all new racing team in Poland is born.   It's name, KATA Motorsport.   It's weapon: the new[...]

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mee28 walbrzych5.jpg

The Ayrton Senna triptych is looking for a name in Poland.

15.03.16 | 2016

Made by Stefan Romecki for the opening of the first Ayrton Senna street in Wałbrzych (Poland), the triptych is now exposed in the Jerzy Mazur's museum but without a name.  [...]

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Logo - KATA Motorsport

13.03.16 | 2016

Stefan Romecki made the logo of an all new Polish racing team: KATA Motorsport Facebook: KATAMotorsport

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RacingForPoland Academy

11.03.16 | 2016

2016 February 29th will be a date to save for the futur of the Polish motorsport. It's on this day that the RacingForPoland Academy is born confirming it's partnership with the famous[...]

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First prototype racing driver in Świdnica.

03.03.16 | 2016

Stefan Romecki is now in the club of Świdnica. He already done 105 races and finished 48 times on the podium. Now he's on the way for driving a prototype during the European Le Mans[...]

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New Virage / Campos Academy F1 driver in 2016 !

19.02.16 | 2016

Rio Haryanto is wearing the number 88 in Formula 1 2016. Manor Racing confirmed on February 18 the Indonesian racing driver. He's the 5th F1 driver from Virage / Campos Academy.[...]

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#RacingForPoland: Target

01.02.16 | 2016

This is not a dream. This is how the #RacingForPoland team prototype could look like, representing Poland on the international motorsports scene. The opportunity for our partners to show how[...]

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