Reprise du Tir: Saison 2017/2018


La saison 2017-2018 de Tir de Vicky Romecki a commencée le week-end du 11/12 novembre. En effet, Vicky à tirée aux Championnats Départementaux de Tir 10m Carabine. Discipline qui requière beaucoup de concentration et de patience. Quelques entraînements lui ont permis d'être confiante durant le match, elle a su rester stable et à même améliorer ses deux[...]

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RACINGforPOLAND [VIDEO] Fastest lap around Estoril


Tomasz Blicharski and  Stef Romecki  were joined by the French GP3 racing driver  Julien Falchero  for the 6 hours endurance on the Estoril racetrack Sound ON and let's go onboard with Julien Falchero for Estoril fastest lap with an LMP3 prototype Watch the VIDEO here ! >>>>>                 

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RACINGforPOLAND: Progress at Estoril


On this historical Formula 1 Grand Prix race track, our drivers Tomek Blicharski and Stef Romecki were joined for this 6 hours race by the young French GP3 driver, Julien Falchero. 2 days of private tests at the beginning of the week helped the 3 racing drivers understand well the LMP3 prototype. With still a great set-up by N'Race, and also the mecanics' motivation, Kris and Nico, Julien Falchero's sprint racing experience,[...]

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RacingForPoland [Video] After Spain, Portugal


There will be a lot of work next week for RacingForPoland members... Private tests and final of the VdeV Endurance GT/Proto championship Tomasz Blicharski and  Stef Romecki will be joined by the French GP3 racing driver  Julien Falchero  for this 6 hours endurance on the Estoril racetrack    They will continu to work with Julien Gerbi from Campos Academy, François Gagneux[...]

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Travel at the Land of of the Rising Sun


While Stef Romecki continue its preparations with the RACINGforPOLAND program for 2018, he went to Japan at the Global Mazda Mx-5 Cup Japan championship final, as Mister Yojiro Terada guest, Le Mans 24h Japanese Legend. The perfect week for every Mazda and Rotary enthousiast ! Also the good opportunity to test the famous Roadster (Miata) With the 2L Skyactiv engine inside, it's almost the original car with a IMSA roll cage[...]

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RacingForPoland: Corrida in Jarama


After a step-by-step preparation in private tests and on the Campos Academy simulator, RacingForPoland was in Jarama, near Madrid for it's first test in real conditions, with 2018 in perspective . Our Lmp3, which racing colors were finished in the Spanish box, was finally pretty and fast. PHOTOS >  Detailed pictures HERE The n'Race's setup worked well thanks to quality mechanics , serious driving analysis[...]

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RacingForPoland unveils its colors


The team debuts will be on the Jarama race track this weekend, that's the occasion to present their colors                 

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RacingForPoland: First steps in competition


As part of its progressive development towards the objective of Le Mans with the N'Race team, the Polish structure shift up in september. The beautiful Spanish race track of Jarama (Madrid), which was once the Spanish F1 Grand Prix will be the place for this first European showdown. A 4 hours race , high level competitors after half season, a well-established hierarchy within the VdeV Championship, this is the[...]

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RacingForPoland: Learning, at the Campos Academy


Immediately after the really positive test at Lurcy Levis racetrack, direction Spain! In Valencia the Campos Academy continue the "driver" formation with it simulator during 4 days Day after day, the driving technique is evolving thanks to Campos specialist's. They take the advantage of their highest motorsport knowledge under the responsibility of its director, Julien Gerbi They also talked of car dynamic and setup with[...]

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RacingForPoland: First step together


First met for the RacingForPoland team at Lurcy Levis race track monday 31th July for their first testing session Both Polish racing drivers, Tomasz and Stefan, discovered the capacities of their Ligier Lmp3 on a really wet racetrack on the morning, and in a completely dry track in the afternoon Driver are learning progressively thanks to N'Race work and theirs knowledge on that kind of prototype The feeling is better through the[...]

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RacingForPoland: Birth of a national project


After the official announcement in live  on Eurosport Polska during the 2017 LeMans 24 hours , RacingForPoland is now a reality.   On Thursday 6th July, our Ligier JSP3 just get out of the factory and made its first laps on the prestigious Magny-Cours racetrack.   With all the attention of the French team N'Race which is in connection with the manufacturer Ligier , the RacingForPoland's[...]

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Le Mans 24 2017, Available rooms


From Jun 11th to Sunday 18th, all the  Motorsport world and fans will be in Le Mans Starting Saturday at 15PM, the Legendary 24 hours race will gather fans from all around the world during an entire week, supporting their favorites teams and drivers ! An incredible atmosphere in the village and in town  The A3SR association still have 4 rooms for 2 available in a nice and big house. A calm place with outdoor[...]

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Romecki-Jabouille, 5th at Dijon


Back at Dijon where Stef Romecki won the BRCC Silhouette Championship. It was his 12th race on this famous classic French Formula 1 race track. Arthur Bleynie was at Nogaro for the "Coupes de Pâques", so the young racing driver Victor Jabouille was Stef's teammate on the MT Racing  silhouette MitJet 43. Yes, you know this name because another Jabouille, Jean-Pierre won a[...]

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Stef Romecki on track at Dijon


Again at the wheel of the  MT Racing 's 2 liter silhouette MitJet, this will be the 12th stef's start  on the classic Formula 1 French race track, Dijon-Prenois.   Same as in Spa-Francorchamps, 4 hours race with 5 pit stops. Arthur Bleynie will race at Nogaro for the "Coupes de Pâques", so Stef will work with a new teammate.   As[...]

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3 seconds from the podium at Spa


With the  MT Racing  team, Stef Romecki and Arthur Bleynie  were at Spa-Francorchamps on April the 1st for the first meeting of the 2017 Fun Racing Cars championship.   30+ cars were starting. With 4 cars including 2 starting on first lines, the team hopes a good result.   Stef and Arthur started from the middle of the grid. Their first contact with the car was here in Belgium, with no[...]

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1er Avril : Retour de Stefan à Spa-Francorchamps


Samedi prochain Stef Romecki sera au départ de la course d'endurance de 4h en Silhouette MitJet 2 Litres de 235cv sur le mythique circuit des Ardennes Belges : Spa-Francorchamps.   Spa, qui a été le cadre de sa victoire en Silhouette 2014, le verra au volant du bolide du team MT Racing  de Dominique Lecru et en compagnie de son  coéquipier de 2010, Arthur Bleynie. Stefan:[...]

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Polish Grand Gala at the Walewska House


Polish Grand Gala at the Walewska House   Invited by the  French-Polish association, "Art, Culture, Tradition ", on February the 3rd, Stef Romecki was at the  Walewska House in Boulogne-Billancourt.   He presented his famous book " Animals&Cars " and also his colouring books next to the famous  Polish Choreographer Krystyna Mazurówna  [...]

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Animals&Cars now in Paris


Passion Automobile Librairie  is a fantastic place for car enthusiasts !   Rendez-vous 83 rue de Rennes 75006 Paris , to discover awesome car and transportation books and also Stef Romecki's Animals&Cars .   METRO: - 4 Saint-Suplice - 10 Sèvres-Babylone - 12 Sèvres-Babylone / Rennes              [...]

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Stef Romecki and 29 portraits exhibit at Osny


During January, Jean-Pierre Duvergé 's portraits were exhibit on the Osny's MéMO (media center).   Every day on it's Facebook  page, one new portrait.  Portraits were also used for 2017 wishes on posters in the street.                 

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With Yojiro Terada to the Japan / The CEEVO is with Stef Romecki


Following his meeting with the famous Japanese driver Yojiro Terada , Stefan Romecki and the A3SR team were at the CEEVO (Val d'Oise Economic Expansion Committee) to present his  new challenge in Asia . Jean-François Benon, Managing Director and Emmanuelle Desthieux,  Project Manager & Business development and international affairs  received them. They noticed the exceptional opportunity[...]

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#RacingForPoland: Target


This is not a dream. This is how the #RacingForPoland team prototype could look like, representing Poland on the international motorsports scene. The opportunity for our partners to show how Poland want to be seen in the motorsports world. That's reality, so share to everyone and follow our news on and on the RacingForPoland Fanpage  in Polish and A3SR Fanpage  in French. With YOU , everything is possible[...]

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