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2015 Season | Techs

For their safety, the racing drivers must be equipped with a specific equipment:

-The helmet: in association with BELL HELMET, Stefan Romecki is racing equipped with its HP7 in carbon, identical to those which we find in Formula 1.

Personalized by means of special paints in the colors of owners, it is an essential safety element. For all high-level discipline, the helmet has to be in carbon (F1, 24 hours of Le Mans, WEC..). It also uses fireproof materials to protect the driver's head in case of fire and possesses a device of communication to receive and give information to the team and to the engineers.


-Hans system: Fixed to the helmet, he allows to avoid the "whiplash injury" and other important wounds in case of shock.  It hold the driver's head.


-The Racing suit: Fireproof with 2 layers of fireproofed tissues, it uses an advanced technology in Nomex to let inhale the driver's body and maintain a suitable comfort level in very high-temperature.


-Fireproofed Gloves and shoes: these do not escape the rule and must also be fireproof. 


-Fireproofed undervear: Balaclava, long T-shirt, leggings, and sock, with this layer of additional protection, drivers can be safe during 30 seconds on fire, without burns. It is ESSENTIAL and it MUST be wear everytime in a race car, unfortunately too often put aside in the national series.


Colors, decorations and sponsors, every elements can be adapted to the desires and to the needs for the driver or for the team.

To be effective, no element must be put aside. It can save your life and avoid you of serious burn if something turn wrong during a race, also in free practice.At no time you should forget to protect yourself because the unforeseen often arrives when we do not expect it.

During his second race at the wheel of the Chevron B16, Stefan Romecki, was on road to win this race, but he suddenly caught fire at the time of bringing his car to the pitlane, further to a leak of gasoline. Fortunately, equipped as usual with the whole safety equipment, he gets out of it with only some bruises after jump out of the car.

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