Stefan Romecki presents " Animals and Cars " his first book. Stefan has had the honor to have the foreword signed by for Yves Courage, real Legend of the International car-racing.

No biography nor of long reading to be planned, but rather of the visual pleasure if you appreciate the Art and Cars...

How a car would look like if, to create it, we were inspired by a grasshopper ?

Stef answer that question with numerous very different animals from each other, what gives a rather unexpected result.

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Book Marks


Ideal for the reading of the Stefan Romecki's book "Animals & Cars".
A3SR offers this assortment of 14 bookmarks tracing the career and cars driven by Stefan Romecki through the years



Coulouring Book - CARS

Inside, pictures of Stefan at the wheel of some racing cars. Karting, Formula Renault, LMP2 Prototypes, GT cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo. Reproduce colors or be creative.



Colouring book - BOATS 

Color some boats ! For the 2015 Féstival de Loire in Orléans, Stefan did a special colouring book with boats.

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